From Your Councillor Silvana Buxton
The beginning of a New Year is generally associated to new hopes, new plans and new challenges, which we normally propose to carry through with optimism and determination. This is how I commit to welcome 2020 – with a positive attitude, with optimism and determination in addressing the challenges ahead and which I can only overcome with the help and support of my Constituents.

Since the election of this new Government 6 months ago, Camposol has been witnessing changes for the first time in its short and troubled history, such as:

• The regular presence of a Police patrol.

• The presence of your Councillor at the Social Centre, although this cannot be regular and consistent, in view of unforeseen commitments such as Town Hall meetings.

• Your Councillor’s continuous availability to offer appointments, assistance and advice, on her corporate email address:

• The Town Hall’s prompt response to issues of concern, such as the repairs to the Medical Centre building, following the September’s DANA leaks and damages.

• The successful results to a serious Health and Safety issue in Sector B (along the Correos’ pavement), achieved through Silvana’s persevering communication with the Town Hall, the Police and the Emergency service.

• The extensive repairs to windows and doors at the Social Centre and the instalment of a safety barrier by the steps outside the front entrance.

• The provision of paper recycling containers requested by the Pharmacy in Sector A and by the Black Bull restaurant in Sector B. 

• The ongoing repairs to street lights and pot-holes in public roads.

In addition to the above, I can confirm that the major works with regards to the replacement and extension of a new pumping station in Sector C are nearing completion.

Our Council is continuing to commit capital and manpower – proof of this, is the recently published budget allocation to Camposol of 500,000€ for the year 2020. Never before did Camposol receive its own budget and I feel confident that this is the beginning of our (however long) road to recovery and prosperity.

In order to continue to receive our Council’s attention and commitment as we have been enjoying in the last 6 months, I would urge homeowners of Camposol to seriously consider their present situation with regards to the ownership of their home and to commit to their legal obligations. I will be happy to assist house-owners with information and advice, either by private appointment or at the Social Centre, when I am available.

With my promise to continue to strive for a law-abiding, crime-free and safe environment throughout my Consituency, I wish you a very Happy New Year, in the knowledge that together we can realize our dreams. Let’s look ahead and face the enormous challenges before us with optimism, with determination and with dignity.

Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful (Juahua J. Marine).