Camposol is considered by many the largest urbanization in the region of Murcia and is quite unique in having a dedicated Councillor whose task is to bring to the attention of the Council the needs of the urbanization, and to pursue any viable, legal avenue to achieve a successful conclusion.

For ethical reasons and to avoid conflicting situations the Councillor cannot act on behalf of its constituents as a service provider (translator, telephonist, messenger etc.) and will not, under any circumstances, justify, defend, support or be part of any type of non-compliance with the law or abusive behaviour against Council Officials. However, as it often happens, the Councillor is happy to accept invitations to attend meetings between its constituents and the Council, as an observer. 

Having clarified the above in answer to recent unjustified accusations on social media, your Councillor wishes to take this opportunity to inform its constituency of SOME of the tasks she has been involved since her part-time appointment in May 2019. These include:

Availability in presence, by telephone or by email, to provide information and advice as promptly and as correctly as possible.

Practical advice or assistance (where appropriate) in liaising with Governmental bodies such as:

 SMS (Servicio Murciano de Salud) with regards to health related matters such as COVID vaccination programmes and the issuing of certificates.

CARM (Comunidad Autónoma Region de Murcia) for region-wide decisions affecting the Mazarrón municipality, such as the compliance with instructions released in the BORMs (Buletín Oficial Region de Murcia) which in the last two years have included the various changes in COVID restrictions.

Agencía Tributaria for tax related issues or IBI payments.

Police, Guardia Civil, Civil Protection for safety related issues such as law-abidance, road safety, and emergency services, as well as for documentation such as Residencia etc.

Municipal departments for all Council related matters, such as registration on the Padrón, Land Registry, Planning, Environment, Education, Refuse collection etc.

Social Services department to identify eligible residents and provide adequate assistance to include access to care homes, provision of blue badges, home care etc.

Ensuring the Council’s intervention in the upkeep, maintenance and adaptation of its public buildings, such as Camposol’s Medical Centre and the Social Centre, in accordance with Health and Safety rules for the protection and well-being of its users.

Installation of Children’s playground and Football pitch

Pursuing long-standing issues in an endeavour to achieve satisfactory results. These include:

The re-direction of the rambla of the Aznares, or a suitable alternative, in order to legalize over 500 properties built illegally in the river-bed which is currently classed as government owned.

Lasting repairs to the bridge which joins sectors C and D to the services and travel routes available to the rest of the urbanization.

Lifting of the suspension of building licences in Camposol, which was imposed in 2016, and provision of the appropriate documentation to include Licence of First/Second Occupation, Certificate of Habitation.

Regularization of the erection of advertising boards in accordance with legal requirements.

Pursuing the correct investment of approx. 2.9 million euros towards the termination of the urbanization, as per the sentencing of the Supreme Court in January 2021 whose decision was based on the technicians’ reports of 2011.

Pursuing the legalization and proper contractual allocation of places for market traders to operate in sector A.

Keeping abreast with BREXIT issues – 2021 having seen the introduction of BREXIT with a multitude of changes affecting most of the British residents in the municipality. This involves constant internet or personal consultation with the British Council, the Spanish Government (MONCLOA), the UK Government and the IOM (International Organization for Migration)  

The above, and many more tasks are aimed at providing the improvement of living standards and the physical well-being of the foreign population in the municipality of Mazarrón of which Camposol is part of. 

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