My goodness! It seems only yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of 2020 and already we are in February, with a ‘work-outstanding’ list growing by the day, but I am proud to say, with a ‘job-done’ list also taking shape nicely. The mammoth task ahead of us is causing moments of apprehension and hesitation and at such times I recall the words of a famous person who once said… “God put me on this earth to do a specific job. I am so far behind that I will never die!”

It seems that, during the last two months, several areas in the urbanization that had previously enjoyed the uninterrupted provision of street-lighting, suddenly found themselves in the dark, wondering why and who had deprived them of such service. I wish to assure all concerned that any rumours that the Council had turned the lights off are totally unfounded.  The problem is being investigated and will be addressed at a meeting in Camposol between the Mayor, the Councillor for Services and the Electrical Company who nearly completed the works 5 years ago and is therefore familiar with the urbanization. The work was abruptly stopped by the governing Council at the time, but there is no doubt that the work will be completed to satisfaction this time and paid for with part of our budget for 2020. Their report on the present state of the complete public street-light system will form the basis of a project for repair/renewal, which will then go to tender. It is expected to see work commence sometime in the summer.  

It is becoming evident that the recent problems have been caused by a certain amount of tampering with cables, meters and fuse boxes, which are prompting Iberdrola to take remedial action in order to avoid the fraudulent use of electricity. 

In early January our Mayor was invited to attend a meeting in order to address certain statements posted recently on social media  and published by a free magazine (not Costa Cálida Chronicle). This he did, with the dignity and sincerity with which he is beginning to be famous for.   Any resident requiring additional information, or clarification is welcome to contact your Councillor at for an appointment, or to pay her a visit when she is at the Social Centre, generally (but not always, depending on other commitments) on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

On Saturday 11th Silvana held a sort-of ‘Open Doors’ meeting at the Social Centre, where the residents could exchange views, experiences and suggestions and where any clarification of information could be asked, on any topic relating to our urbanization. I am happy to say that this idea found the approval of the residents, therefore Silvana plans to hold the next one on March 7th at 11am at the Social Centre – she hopes to see you there.

Finally, with the Christmas festivities well behind us, you are invited to look forward to, and to join in the forthcoming Carnival festivals throughout our Municipality. Enjoy!

Silvana Buxton