A Christmas wish from Silvana, your elected Councillor for Camposol and International Relations:

Most of us will remember when, as children, we used to ‘bargain’ with Father Christmas… “I promise to be good forever if you bring me ….”. As we grew up facing the harsh realities of life and the fact that ‘nothing in life is free, and if it is, it’s probably not worth having’, we continued, possibly unwittingly, with this practice, known as ‘compromise’.

What can I offer Father Christmas in exchange for a Camposol free from vandalism and robberies, with tarmaced roads, welcoming gardens and illuminated public streets, with structurally sound houses and bridges away from dangerous ramblas and with some of the niceties in life such as frequent public transport, a weekly market, a multilingual library and a safe environment where residents can forget the corrupt practices of unscrupulous developers and look ahead with optimism and a positive attitude? 

On the positive side, much has already been achieved, in spite of 18 months lost to COVID. After years of waiting, Camposol now has a beautiful children’s play area which was finally inaugurated on 11th November. It also has a nearly finished 5-a-side football pitch which was promptly restored to full use following a recent despicable act of vandalism, not forgetting a refurbished Social Centre which was slowly falling into disrepair and the prompt attention to the requirements and repairs to our Medical Centre. 

For the first time in the history of Camposol the residents have a Councillor who proudly and indefatigably represents them at Local Government on wide-ranging issues, but it must be remembered that your Councillor is only one of 11 Government Representatives, (6 PSOE Councillors, in coalition with 5 UIDM Councillors), who all strive for an equal share of the limited resources available in order to satisfy the needs of 35,000 inhabitants, spread over 13 Pedanías (Boroughs), of which 1/10th reside in the Borough of El Saladillo which includes Camposol.   

Your Councillor is totally committed to continue improving our urbanization which can only be achieved with the help and support of a unified and law-abiding Camposol, where there is no place for fragmentation, legal avoidance and pointless criticism on social media.

Residents should familiarise themselves with the Council’s online facility LINEA VERDE where they can report a wide variety of problems. Access the webpage

http://www.lineaverdemazarron.com/lv/incidencias_online.asp  then click on the subject you want to report.

On the next page click on ‘Regístrese’.

On the next page enter a user name (Usuario, no spaces), a Password (which must contain between 8-12 characters with at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number), repeat the Password (Repetir clave) and enter your email address. Click to accept the privacy policy (Acepto la Política de Privacidad), click to confirm you are not a robot, then click on Registrar. You will then receive an email at the address you provided, confirming your user name and password. You can then report problems online in Spanish or English.

Finally, although this Council is fiercely fighting for additional medical personnel in Camposol, Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón, any patient can contact the authority responsible for the provision of Medical personnel which is not the Council, but Murcia Salud.  

To do so, access the website www.murciasalud.es/sugerencias.php and select Sugerencias y peticiones-Murcia Salud, el portal sanitario

Complete the form on the following page as follows:

Enter your Name and Surname in the box marked ‘Nombre y Apellidos’.

Enter your telephone number in the box marked ‘Teléfono’.

Enter your email address in the box marked ‘Correo electrónico’.

Finally, in the big box marked ‘Describa detalladamente su sugerencia o solicitud’ you can enter your message/request/complaint which must be in Spanish. You may wish to send your own message, or you can copy the following message which basically asks for the appropriate number of medical personnel in the Camposol surgery:

El Consultorio médico de Camposol no tiene suficiente personal sanitario para acudir a más de 4000 pacientes, algunos de los cuáles padecen de cancer y otras enfermedades muy serias. Pido urgentemente un número adecuado de personal sanitario para hacer frente a las necesidades de los pacientes de Camposol

Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box.

Press ‘Enviar’ (not Borrar)

Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year from your Councillor who can be contacted on silvanaeb@mazarron.es