Camposol is situated in a beautiful rural area, which offers a nearly-perfect environment, plagued sometime by the presence of vermin and mosquitoes which, fortunately, can be kept at bay with some extremely effective insecticide-sprays available at every supermarket and ferreteria.

Leaflets provided by Mazarrón Council with Recommendations For Pest Control are available from the Camposol Social Centre. They broadly provide the following information which include clarifications on the obligations of the Council and the responsibilities of the citizens:

The Council is responsible for pest control in public spaces and public buildings or facilities that are publicly owned and generally used by the citizens.  These include municipal buildings, public roads, public areas, cemeteries, boulevards, municipal swimming pools, sports and social centres, parks and gardens, etc. 

Mazarrón Council is not responsible for areas or properties not belonging to the public administration such as private homes, private pools, private land, industrial spaces, private parking areas etc. 

It is illegal for the Council Environmental team to enter private areas, therefore they should not be asked or expected to provide vermin or mosquito treatment outside of their legal boundaries. House-owners are responsible for the treatment of pools with mosquito larvae, as well as using the appropriate insecticide to kill cockroaches, or purchasing the widely-available mouse/rat traps to eliminate rodents within their home or garden.  The presence of vermin in public areas should be reported to the Council Helpline Linea Verde, who will inform the appropriate department accordingly. 

Citizens are responsible for maintaining the hygiene and health standards of their private properties. They must take adequate measures to control pests, such as:

  • Maintain the pools with the appropriate level of chlorine to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.
  • Cover the pool with a tarpaulin if they are not going to use it for a long time.
  • Regularly watch out for rodents in the areas that present the most risk (pantries, garages, etc.).
  • Do not leave stagnant water in containers such as buckets, drums, ashtrays, pot-trays etc. on patios or anywhere where mosquitoes can proliferate.
  • Place weather-stripping and protections on access doors to homes.
  • Put mosquito nets on the windows.
  • Cover cracks and holes in garages, pantries and storage rooms.
  • Clear gutters to allow water to flow.
  • Frequently change the water in your pets’ water-bowls.
  • Watch out for drip irrigation, which can leave small pools. Excess water should be removed and watering readjusted.
  • Protect wells and cisterns with mosquito nets to prevent the laying of eggs.

Protecting one’s property from vermin and mosquitoes is of major importance when living outside the city, so that the best of country life can be enjoyed by everybody. 

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