Using your mobile phone whilst driving could prove very expensive and painful now, as new road safety rules apply. The new rules also lower the speed limits on urban roads limiting electric scooters to 25 kph.

Driving Licence Points System:
Driving whilst using a mobile phone:
The 200€ fine will be maintained.
Increased from 3 to 6 points.

Not using a seatbelt or safety retention for infants etc:
Increased from 3 to 4 points.

Not wearing a helmet correctly when riding a motorcycle:
Increased from 3 to 4 points.

Carrying mechanisms which detect radar etc, even if they are inactive:
500€ fine and the loss of 3 points.

Cars and motorcycles may not exceed the speed limit by more than 20kph to overtake on conventional roads.

Using unauthorized intercommunication devices during a driving test will mean a 500€ fine and a 6 month ban from retaking the test.

A driver may recuperate 2 points on their driving licence by taking a course of Safe Driving certified by the DGT. The loss of points will last for two years, irrespective of the offence committed.

Transport companies, people or goods, can go to the online register for drivers to check whether their licence to carry others is valid or not.

Driving In Urban Areas
The speed limit for single lane urban roads with a pavement is 20kph.
The speed limit for single lane one way systems is 30kph.
On urban roads with two or more lanes on a one way system the speed limit is 50kph.

Personal Mobility Vehicles (Wheelchairs and vehicles for people with reduced mobility are excluded.)
Vehicles with one or more wheels for a single person and exclusively using electricity, such as scooters or ‘sabway’, with speeds from 6 to 25kph will be regulated. These vehicles may not be used on pavements or pedestrian areas, inter-urban roads, crossings, motorways in urban areas, or urban tunnels.

Drivers may be required to take a breathalyser test and may not use earphones whilst driving.

Driving Licences
The age for driving a lorry, after passing the Certificate of Professional Aptitutde (CAP) of 280 hours duration, is reduced from 21 to 18 years. The age limit to drive coaches is also reduced from 21 to 18 years, but without passengers and within a radius of 50 km. Only from 21 years may drivers with the CAP carry passengers.

The weight vans may carry on national roads with a Licence B is increased from 3,500kg to 4,250kg only when the increase in mass is due to the new propulsion systems.