As there is so little advertised due to the restrictions for COVID-19, we have combined the 3 areas we normally cover in the Costa Cálida. Many of the usual events in the area have been cancelled or changed. Street Markets have been reinstated with the usual conditions such as keeping social distancing and the wearing of masks, but the usual Artisan Markets are not taking place. 

Please adhere to these conditions for everyone’s safety. Most of the exhibitions etc are still being held, but check at Tourist Offices to confirm that events are still taking place.


Tel 968 493 285 Market Sat

Alhama de Murcia

Tel 968 633 51 – Market Tues

Photographic History of Alhama 

Exhibition at Los Baños Archaeological Museum. Learn about aspects of the history of the municipality through the documents preserved in the Municipal Archive. Free admission.


Tues-Sat 10am-2pm & 4.30pm-7.30pm

Sun 10am-2pm

45 min Guided Tour of Los Baños Archaeological Museum

Discover the history of this thermal complex that is closely linked to its thermal water springs. In the Los Baños Archaeological Museum, the remains of the baths built by the Romans in the 1st century AD and which were reused in the Islamic period and by the 19th century Spa Hotel are preserved in situ.

These visits are intended for individuals or small groups. 


Tel 968 652 244 – Market Tues

Casa-Museo Don Pepe Marsilla.

Guided tours (in English) for only 2 persons (5€ pp) or there is an audio guide system in English.

Museo del Vino has a shop with bodega prices.

To visit either/info, tel 968 657 211, Tourist Office, or email


Tel 968 745 325 – Market Fri


Tel 968 702 424 – Market Mon


Tel 968 128 800 – Market Wed

Exhibition – The End Of A Civilization by Fernando Peñalva at Archaeological Museum of Cartagena (until 10th January)

The exhibition brings together about 20 archaeological drawings by the artist Fernando Peñalva, describing in detail the beauty of a ruin or a sculpture made in ancient times in various dimensions and techniques; watercolour, pencil, charcoal, wax etc; the relief of the Ara Pacis; ruins of the Temple of Olympus; the bust of Antinous, or Athena Leimna. 


Tues-Fri 10am-2pm & 5pm-8pm

Sat & Sun 11am-2pm

Closed Mondays & holidays  

Free admission  

Exhibition – The Bisel Art Gallery shows Trapped In My Time by Eva Poyato (until 10th January)

In this exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Eva Poyato transmits feelings and universal concerns: joy, fear, illusion and hope through a simple and descriptive pictorial language, almost schematic, full of symbols. Eva tells stories of catalytic tales that resemble reality.

Myth and Logic Exhibition in the City Hall (until 24th January)

8 Italian artists: Alessandro del Gaudio, Carlo de Lucia, Enzo Trepiccione, Nunzia Re, Vittorio Vanacore, Diana D´Ambrosio, Lucio Afeltra and Marco Pili

8 Spanish artists: Antonio Cifuentes, Antonio Vidal Máiquez, Virginia Bernal, Salvador Torres, Ginés Vicente, Pau Pellín, Antonio Requena and Xavi Ferragut

The exhibition displays the contemporary creator’s response to the perception generated by the visual pollution of our time, which coexists with the cultural legacy of classical myths. The artists do not analyse tradition and historical legacy in rigorous and aesthetic terms, but from each private, enigmatic and personal imaginary.


Tues-Fri 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-7pm

Sat 10am-1.30pm & 5pm-8pm

Sun & hols 10am-1.30pm

Closed Mondays

Exhibition – The Enrique Escudero de Castro Municipal Archaeological Museum hosts The Silent City, through a book taking a walk through the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Cemetery in Cartagena (until 31st January)

It shows the architectural heritage that the cemetery, inaugurated in 1868, has in its interior more than 40 buildings.  The book is a chronicle of the cemetery and all the cemeteries that existed since the 16th century in Cartagena.

Author, Professor María José Muñoz Mora, presented her doctoral thesis in 2017 entitled ‘Death, the house and the city, the fading of the silent city of Cartagena’ and for 10 years she has been working on funerary heritage , through research projects, publications and participation in national and international conferences.

Photographic Exhibition at The Roman Theatre of Cartagena in Temporary Exhibition Hall- Future Projects (until 28th February 2021)
The exhibition conveys the Museum’s journey since its inauguration on July 11th 2008 and future projects. The exhibition is divided into three thematic blocks:

Photographs; some from the Museum’s photographic archive; others from Díaz Burgos, José Albaladejo and José Gabriel Gómez the evolution of the Museum after its inauguration.

Future projects and the current state of knowledge of the post scaenam porticus. This space is located at the back of the scenic building. One future project is to undertake the archaeological excavations of this space and its enhancement. 

Mural paintings carried out in the western sector of the portico in 2006, which revealed the existence of two rooms that compartmentalized the interior gallery, whose collapse levels presented a rich pictorial programme. 

Concerts @ El Batel, Cartagena

Saturday 23rd January – Enjoy the talent of the pianist Joaquín Achúcarro. At 87, Achúcarro continues to perform around the world leading him to more than 60 countries. On this occasion, he will perform with the OSRM to interpret Beethoven’s ‘Piano Concerto No 4’. The concert will be completed with the ‘Symphony No. 35’ by Mozart.

Friday 26th February – Known worldwide as a violinist and conductor, Frenchman David Grimal returns to Cartagena together with the OSRM, to perform Mendelssohn’s ‘Violin Concerto’. The musicians will then perform Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 4’.

Friday 30th April – The ‘Concert Champêtre’ (‘Country Concert’), written for harpsichord by Francis Poulenc, will be performed by the harpsichordist, organist and fortepianist Silvia Márquez. This is considered a neoclassical piece with clear allusions to the Baroque, when the harpsichord was a common instrument. The OSRM cycle will end with the ‘First Symphony’, by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, conducted by Virginia Martínez.

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased at the El Batel Auditorium and Nuevo Teatro Circo box office, or for single concerts go to

Online Programming Through Municipal Youtube

This programme started in December but will continue until 15th January. There are 10 theatrical performances, six of which are for children’s theatre. 

There will be four bands participating in addition to Sauces and there will be concerts by the musical groups Nuestra Señora de la Soledad de Molinos Marfagones, The Unión Musical Cartagonova and The SAM Santa Cecilia de Pozo Estrecho.

La Murga Teatro will participate in plays; Magicus and Little Red Riding Hood, the craziest version in history. The company Monís Producciones will bring their versions of Snow White and Fairies. The company Espectáculos Faustino Sáez with the works Faustino y Sus Locuras: El Musical and Princesas y Villanos is also part of Cartagena es Cultura online format. 

The Classics in Museums cycle for January include a Clarinet Recital by María Albaladejo, Jennifer García and María Conesa and a Piano And Flamenco Recital by Alicia Burgos and Laura Moratón. 

In addition to theatre and music, dance will be present with Turn On Your Light directed by Carmen Baños on Monday 4th January. This is a show of different styles of dance that tells the Christmas story that a child lives through a dream. 

Online Chess (until 28th May 2021)

‘Chessline Cartagena’; an online chess platform that under the slogan ‘Ajedrizate’ aims to serve as an educational tool after school hours and to stimulate participation of schools to set up a Municipal Chess League. The approximate cost is 15€.

The online chess platform ‘Chesslang’, will enable both monitors and students to make video calls with a shared chess board, as well as options for different types of tournaments, online training and many other activities.

There will be group classes of 8-10 with specialized platforms to teach chess, for one hour a week divided by levels, education and age. 


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Fuente Alamo

Tel 968 597 001 – Market Sat


Tel 968 780 237 – Market Tues

La Union

Tel 868 049 941/692 925 970 – Market Tues


Tel 968 441 914 Market Thurs

Los Alcazares

Tel 968 575 756 –Market Tues & Los Narejos Sat


Tel 968 594 426 – Market Sat & Puerto de Mazarrón Sun

The Commerce Council Promoted The Local Commerce Promotion Campaign ‘We Open For You’

This focused on the hotel and restaurant sector to promote takeaway food service who had been suffering restrictions due to the pandemic. Councillor for Commerce, Silvia García, distributed 2,000 sustainable bags to promote take away food service. She explained that the establishments have been able to give their customers some reusable bags with the campaign slogan on them.

Photographic Exhibition ‘Minas and Minas’ by Chronist Mariano Guillén in the Town Hall /until 29th January)

This presents a tour of Mazarrón in the late 19th and early 20th centuries through an interesting selection of old photographs, some of them unpublished.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 10am-2pm

Thurs & Fri 5pm-8pm

Closed 6th January 

Joint Employment and Training Programme Through A Grant From SEF

15 student-workers will receive training by the Department of Local Development, Training and Employment. The purpose of this new programme is the job placement of unemployed people through their professional qualification alternating with actual work. Its objective is to improve the employability of the unemployed through their participation in works or services of public utility or social interest.

The student-workers will receive training in a first 3-month stage in the ‘Installation and Maintenance of Green Areas’ and for 6 months they will be hired by Mazarrón Council for the rehabilitation and enhancement of municipal green areas.

The project is aimed at young people registered in the National Youth Guarantee System and the preselection will be carried out by the employment office of the Regional Employment and Training Service. For more information, you can email  or call 968 592 767.


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Puerto Lumbreras

Tel 968 436 153 – Market Fri

San Javier

Tel 968 172 041 – Market Wed & Thurs & Autocine Sun & Santiago de Ribera Wed

San Pedro del Pinatar

Tel 968 182 301 – Market Mon & Lo Pagan Thurs

Torre Pacheco 

Tel 968 579 937 – Market Sat/Sun & Roldan Sun, Balsicas Thurs & Dolores Sat


Tel 968 418 153 – Market Wed & El Pareton Fri

Saturdays & Sundays – Guided Visit to La Bastida 3.40€ (2.50€ disc)10am/12pm. Book at Tourist Office 


Tel 968 754 104 – MarketWed