Well that’s another year passed. I don’t know about you, but they seem to come around quicker each time! Looking on the bright side, maybe you received something nice for Christmas, or you just haven’t got around to unpacking all those goodies you brought out with you to Spain and you just need a bit of support to get started on that new layout. Either way if it’s Model Railway related we can help if needed.

The Club

Our club was founded about ten years ago with the aim of promoting and providing a meeting point for anyone interested in model railways and associated hobbies. Our members consist of people from around the Murcia area with a range of interests in model railways of all scales and eras.

Deltic With The Flying Scotsman

This diversity has turned out to be a bonus as it provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and swap information between people with different interests. Usually, if you have a problem with a project, there is someone within the group who can provide a solution. We welcome anyone, whatever their area of expertise or skill level, to come and join us and add their input to the club. Meetings are normally held each month at a convenient location, or by invitation at the home of one of our members which gives everyone a chance to see their work first-hand and learn and comment on it. Everything is very informal; no committees, just a group of friends with a mutual interest sharing their experience and knowledge.

A Fairlie Good Loco

Moving with the Times

A Model Railway is a constantly evolving hobby with new techniques emerging all the time. Two of the recent ones are 3D Printing and Laser Cutting and among our group we have members who use these systems, so if you want to learn about these new methods, or just chat with like-minded people, we are here.

A Double Header on Time

Seasonal Visitors

We welcome members who don’t live full time in Spain, but have holiday homes here or just like to get away from the English weather. It is always good to meet a new face and chat about our hobby where you never stop learning. Whether you are here full time or part-time, if model railways interest you please get in touch.


We have a website which shows some of the layouts and other projects being built by club members. Although it doesn’t show everything, it will give you a fair idea of what we do. This can be found at https://murciamodelrailwayclub.com 

There is a contact link on the website, Murcia Model Railway Club or you can call Richard directly on 666 186 037