The Department of Culture and Citizen Participation of the Mazarrón City Council is once again promoting local talent in what will be the second edition of the Miraband’s Music Festival. José María Moreno, mayor of Citizen Participation, together with several members of the different bands and groups that will perform at the festival, presented this year’s event

The performances of the local groups will take place on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of July at the Mirador de Bahía (Cabezo de la Reya). Five pop, rock and indie style groups will perform on the first day and seven rap and trap style groups on the second day. “In this way, those interested can attend the day that best suits their musical tastes,” explained José María Moreno, who added that “the concerts on both days will begin at 8:00 p.m.
In addition, Moreno added that “last year was a very deplorable year for the music world since very few events were held in which to show their work, but in Mazarrón we wanted to give the opportunity to demonstrate musical talent and for this reason this year we are once again promoting our local artists, with the novelty of grouping groups of similar musical styles in the two days ”.

Admission is free and limited capacity. To be able to attend these concerts, a reservation with prior registration is necessary, which can be obtained through

The concerts of the Miraband’s Festival are:

Saturday July 11

  • 20:00h La Plaza 
  • 21:00h Anticiclón 
  • 22:00h Leaving Marx 
  • 23:00h Martina Efedra 
  • 00:00h Indienápolis 

Sunday July 12

  • 20:00h Gordo Kalé 
  • 20:30 DMCK 
  • 21.00h FBS 
  • 21:30h  Jage 
  • 22:00h Stahl Inc 
  • 22:30h PRC 
  • 23:00h  Abokasarro