We like to promote local businesses and ventures and local writers are no exception. Mike Edmans has lived in the Mazarrón area since the year 2000 and is married to Trish who has also had her book ‘Who Dares …’ published and on which we did a review a few months ago.

Mike was born is Salisbury, Rhodesia (as it was then) in the late 50’s. He served in the army during the war after an idyllic childhood in Africa. Consequently there is a large African influence to this book ‘Travel with a Heart’. After leaving the army, Mike moved to the UK where he met and married Trish. Prior to their move to Spain, they lived in Norfolk where Mike worked in sales, but he developed a passion for painting his other passion, wildlife and the coast of North Norfolk.

The move to Spain was supposed to be time for Mike and Trish to retire, but whilst renovating their finca in Leiva, Mike has his first heart attack. His health deteriorated and eventually he had to have a heart transplant in 2006. Whilst in Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia, Mike began to write down various things from his past life, particularly in Africa and poignantly called his book of poems ‘Travel with a Heart’.
The book was published in 2014 and Mike dedicates it to Trish whom he refers to as his wonderful best friend, as without her, he believes he would not still be here. Mike also thanks his Rhodesian friend Vic MacKenzie for letting him use his cartoons ‘Rhodesian Games’ and various people whose photographs are included in the book. His final thanks go to the staff and doctors involved in his heart transplant and all the care given to him after the operation.

Memories of Home
Skin tinged ochre, dust encrusted,
Sky, black as coal, unleashing assegais of golden light,
Scenting the air with cordite,
Thunder reverberating across the veld,
Tasting the first sweet rains of the year.
Victoria Falls in the west to the maintains of the east,
From the lowveld to the south, to Kariba Dam in the north,
What an extraordinary land, forever in the soul.
I am what I am, nothing else, an African.
Azure-blue sky by day,
The crystal-jewelled night held by the eye,
The jackal bark in the dark, a sound remembered,
Buffalo feasting on sausage trees on the Zambezi,
Flame lilies in Vumba within sight of Mozambique,
Msasa and Mopani trees flashing their colours through the year.
A sable with his mate canters by,
Elephant roam, while impala play, all embedded in the heart.
Warthog’s tails, held as radio masts, as they run past,
All heal in the memory.
Home is calling, as I watch the rain and snowfall,
Traffic outside, totally unaware.
I need to return home.
After thirty plus years of exile,
The tastes and aromas still hold a place in my heart.

You can meet Mike on a Friday at the Camposol B stalls.
Retirement did not come easily to Mike and Trish as they are now established as Kruger Canopies that supply and fit pergola covers, spa covers, sail shades and all canopies to make your outside living more comfortable during the hot summer months.
Tel 968 590 258