Puerto de Mazarrón is a seaside resort town with excellent hotel facilities and a lively night life. The coastline offers wonderful beaches and unspoilt coasts. There are a couple of diving schools in the Mazarrón area as this a popular area for diving and water sports. There is a picturesque ‘passeo’ where you can choose between traditional Spanish bars and the newer Brit bars. The beaches stretch along past the Bahia to Bolnuevo. The town of Mazarrón is inland about 3kilometers where the town hall can be found and several churches. You will also find the ruins of Velez Castle in Mazarrón town.


March 19th San José

July 16th Virgen del Carmen

August 15th Asunción de la Virgen

November 17th Fiestas del Milagro

December 8th La Purísima