This was a completely different event this year with added tasks taken by all participants. We are happy that all went to plan and a great event was enjoyed by all.

Due to unforeseen circumstances a decision had to be made very quickly to change the venue and thankfully the alternative course chosen was able to accommodate us on the day. We would like to thank the team at Altaona Golf for their hospitality and to say their course was in a great condition.

We proceeded with the competition, in perfect weather conditions and played 18 holes with groups of four balls and were pleased to see some fantastic scores and results coming through.

A prize was available for Nearest the Pin on all four par three holes, but sadly only 3 were claimed as none of the players managed to make the green on the 8th hole.

No prizes were given for Longest Drive as the organisers felt this would not be a fair competition due to varying distance players, but an alternative prize was given to the player who completed a designated par 3 hole in 2 shots.

The winners in each category were:

Men’s Winner of the MCC Cup 2020 – Keith Docking, handicap 15, Stapleford score 42 points.

2nd was Mark Leigh, handicap 13, Stapleford score 39 points

3rd was Gary Ahearne, handicap 21, Stapleford score 35 points

Ladies’ Winner of the MCC Cup 2020 – Christine Marshall, handicap 32, Stapleford score 39 points

2nd was Lyn Leigh, handicap 36, Stapleford score 28 points

3rd was Bernie Blakeman, handicap 36, Stapleford score 26 points.

Guest Winner – Martin Lewis, handicap 15, Stapleford score 39 points

Nearest the Pin

3rd hole, Gary Ahearne

8th hole, not achieved 

12th hole, Martin Lewis

17th hole, Ken Blakeman 

Par 3 achieved in 2 strokes, 12th hole, Martin Lewis 

The Loyalty Award which has only started this year goes to Len Craig for his dedication to this tournament.

The day was very successful and we hope it will continue to be going forward. The organisers certainly hope to see even more interest next year.

Finally, just to say thank you to the organising team, Dave Mitchell, Margaret Shea and Bernie Blakeman and to all of our sponsors for donations of prizes etc. Once again we had an auction of donations made and raised €90 which is to be given once again to MABS.

Margaret Shea