Entries Sorted – 2019 Season

All is quiet on the MBC Rink at Hacienda Del Alamo, but off the rink the planning for the Winter season has been sorted during August. 

MBC Trophy Cabinet
MBC Trophy Cabinet

The club will resume in the LLB Southern League this coming winter.  MBC won the Second Division of the league last season and so are now promoted to First Division. We will be playing against very competitive clubs located mostly in the Torrevieja area and can anticipate a challenging season ahead.

The Annual MBC Club Championships have also just commenced.  Competitors entries had to be completed a couple of weeks ago in order that the schedules could be drawn by our Competitions’ Committee and ready for the start date. This year we have eleven disciplines, giving any entrant up to seven championship trophies to try for if they so wish. These disciplines are played for on a knockout basis during the winter with the finals being played over a weekend in March 2020.

When October arrives MBC Members will have these competitive games to play in addition to League team fixture matches and also the further opportunity to join two Club Day rollups each week.

Our ‘Snowbirds’ will have returned ready for the Spanish season with most of them having played bowls in England during the summer.  Changing from playing on grass to carpet composite as at Hacienda takes a bit of adjusting!!  We are hoping that Brexit will not interfere with our ‘Snowbirds’ plans to bowl in the winter months in Spain.

Umpire and Markers

MBC Umpire and Markers
MBC Umpire and Markers

In order to play competitive bowls each Club needs Umpires and Markers.  Gordon Tottey is MBC’s only Umpire. Mike Chambers, Harry Male and Barbara Tottey are MBC’s Markers.

To become a Marker, one has to complete a course to learn about the laws of Lawn Bowls and the rules for marking a game. An exam has to be passed to qualify and Gordon had to further his knowledge of the game to become an Umpire. For all singles matches a Marker is required and for each of our domestic competitions and events an Umpire is needed to oversee the games being played. His decision on proceedings is final.

MBC is hoping that a few of their members will go on a Markers Course in the near future.  It is generally run in the Torrevieja area where most of the clubs are located.

October is fast approaching and we will see our members back on the rink for a busy month of bowling. We would like to welcome new members to come along and have a try to see if they like it.  Come to give bowls a go on Tuesdays or Thursdays – but check the start time with Colin Appleton since we will be changing from evening to morning times when the heat dies away. 

After an hot evenings rollup at HDA
After an hot evenings rollup at HDA

Players are in the habit of socialising after play at the Sports Bar next to the rink!

Colin Appleton’s number is 605 492 937 and he will be happy to provide further information or just to help.

Helen Chambers