Bowling Hots Up As The Weather Cools Down


Now October has arrived, the MBC calendar has become busy and the Club Championships have now commenced. This takes the members through to March with rounds needing to be played by set dates. The disciplines are on a knockout basis except Ladies’ Triples which is being played by ‘round robin’ in which all teams playing play each other – the two teams that obtain the most points from all the games go through to the finals.  The finals in all the disciplines will be held on the weekend of 7th and 8th of March next year.

The MBC autumn schedule includes a domestic Autumn Triples League which will be starting soon.  This league gets good support, producing an enjoyable battle each week to win points.

LLB League

Secretary of the LLB League, June Jones, stated at a recent meeting, that Brexit will have an effect on league games if non-residents have to reduce the length of time they spend in Spain. This could affect all the clubs in the LLB area.

The first Southern League game is on Friday 11th October.  MBC have been promoted to top Division A and this winter, instead of five teams in a side it is now six teams, so there’s a possibility of scoring 14 points per match – two points for a win in each of the six games and two points for the side with the most cumulative shots in the match. Colin Appleton, Jim Coughlan and Gordon Tottey are MBC’s selection committee for the league.

MBC octopus Mascot
MBC octopus Mascot

Last season a member Dawn Bunce gave the club a mascot; a knitted octopus in club colours with a Mazarrón scarf, which went to all the LLB league games, and became our lucky mascot.  Let’s hope the octopus gives us the same luck this season!

Costa Cálida Chronicle 20th Anniversary Trade Exhibition -Saturday November 9th – from 11am-5pm.

Keep this date free and come and see the Mazarrón Bowls Club’s stand at The Sheraton Hotel, Hacienda del Alamo, Fuente Alamo. Members will be on hand to introduce you to their club.

News from England

Clive Hoyle with New Milton BC. England. Qualify for promotion next season!
Clive Hoyle with New Milton BC. England. Qualify for promotion next season!

MBC Snowbirds have had a busy summer playing in their different clubs, some helping to move their club up a division in leagues for next season.  There have been wins and losses in games, but the taking part is what bowling is about!

Back to morning roll-ups

Roll-ups have reverted back to mornings now the weather has cooled down. Any reader who has thought about giving lawn bowls a go, now is the time to come along and see what happens. Tuesdays and Thursdays are friendly roll-up days (10am for 10.30am start).  The club has members who are happy to introduce the game, give tuition and there are bowls to use, so all that is needed for the first couple of times is a pair of smooth soled shoes. Colin Appleton has all the information and is happy to hear from you on his mobile number 605 492 937.

Rainbow over MBC green at HDA
Rainbow over MBC green at HDA

The rainbow photo was taken at an August evening roll-up after a downpour which made the green unplayable, so the members that had turned up to play, retired to The Spaniard Inn for a drink and a chat instead!

Helen Chambers