March is a Busy Bowling Month

John Smith Trophy Competition

John Smith Trophy Winners
John Smith Trophy Winners

Gordon Tottey, our Club’s only officially qualified Umpire, took it upon himself to organise this year’s John Smith Trophy Competition. It was preceded by a Spider Drive, (a bit of fun) which was won by Barbara Male who was rewarded with a beautiful basket of fruit. In the afternoon, rounds of the main competition were played in Australian Pairs format. Twelve pairs subdivided to four sections played ‘round robin’ in each section to progress to the semifinals and thence to the final. Mike Chambers and Morag Walker won the trophy along with a pack of John Smith beers and a bottle of wine each. Runners-up were Clive Hoyal and Alex Coughlan. A very enjoyable well organised day was had by all in the sunshine.

MBC Winter Triples League

MBC Winter Triples League Winners
MBC Winter Triples League Winners

The last of seven weekly matches of the Winter Triples League yielded a very close finish with only shots differential over the period determining the winner. ‘Bahamas’ (Barbara Benton, Mandy Wright and Harry Male) came in first with 17 points and +31 shots differential, followed very closely by ‘ABH’ (Alex Coughlan, Brian Carter and Harold Morris)  with 17 points +9 shots differential. Third place went to ‘Tottey Crisps’ (Barbara Tottey, Tam Walker and Jim Coughlan).  

MBC Club Championships

In the main the finals of the Club Championships will be held over the weekend of March 7th and 8th. Unfortunately we will need an extra day to complete the schedule since member Barbara Benton has qualified for finals in no less than five disciplines, while two other members have each qualified for four. Going to be a busy weekend for some!

LLB Southern League Update

MBC are doing well to keep around midway and clear from the bottom of the A Division to which we had been promoted at the beginning of the season. At the time of reporting, with two home and three away matches still to play, MBC have ambitions still to enter the top half of the table. 

MBC Member Keith Miller

Keith Miller

Keith joined MBC in June 2018 having never bowled before. With lots of practice he became hooked.  Back home in the UK Keith eventually joined West Denton and got into the game, playing several times a week. He has now played in National Competitions, has represented West Denton in the Denny Cup, was selected to represent Northumberland against Durham County in the Derbyshire Cup and will also be playing against Yorkshire. In one of his spells in Spain, Keith played for MBC in the LLB League when he was out here last October. Keith’s motto is ‘Lots of practice pays off!’ Well done Keith.

If bowling interests you, come along to our roll up on a Tuesday or Thursday at 10am. Club bowls are available to use, but you need to wear flat soled shoes. Colin Appleton on 605 492 937 will happily answer questions and give information, or you can click on or email Harry the Secretary at  

Helen Chambers