Happy Endings and New Beginnings

For those of our Members who were not able to be with us for our Christmas Party and the fun days at the year end, we hope you each enjoyed the festive season wherever you were and wishing everybody a happy and prosperous New Year in 2019 with the success you aspire to in your sport of bowling. Especial thanks to Camposol Golf Association for sharing with us their annual Christmas function.

Triples League in Progress

After a year of some changes in control and direction, Mazarrón Bowls Club ends the year in a flourish of activity and success and healthy prospects for the future. Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort itself is being upgraded and rejuvenated by its proprietors with reassurance to Mazarrón Bowls Club of continued involvement into the future; good news for the Club now well established in Spain’s bowling community and even further afield reflected by Mazarrón Miners’ current position well clear at the top of Levante Bowls Southern League Division II and Member Brian Robertson’s achievement in representing Spain in the World Bowls Championship Finals in Australia. The current Committee, led by President Jimmy Cochrane, have reversed trends in developing the Membership and reinvigorated the Club activities including a fiercely competitive Triples League coincident with Club Championship matches being played whenever throughout the week.

Mazarrón Miners’ Friday Team lie top of the LLB Southern League by 12 clear points halfway through the season. Striving to climb back to the topmost league in Spain in Division 1, it may not be easy to succeed with a programme of seven away games and only four home games ahead.

Winners at Horadada – Sylvia Logue, Brian Bunce, Mandy Wright.

Mazarrón Mariners’ Monday Team have not found it easy to make their way in the Discovery Division of the South Alicante League after promotion from the Hurricane Division, but the signs are good – they have lost only one game at home and a little bit more experience and confidence in away matches could yet yield an outstanding performance.

The Club Championships proceed apace with Finals in March. Already all but one of the categories have reached the Semi-Final stage in spite of difficulties in arranging matches between other commitments. The domestic Triples League has now passed its mid-point with only four matches remaining in the 9 match series. Team Doug Macfarlane/Brian Wright/Gill Appleton are league leaders by just one point and the wolves are at their heels! It is possible there may be some changes – but only just possible! 

Hon Life Members – Doug Macfarlane & Ron Potts.

Finally, in a ceremony at the rink, Doug Macfarlane and Ron Potts were granted Honorary Life Membership of the Club to acknowledge historic service to the Club and commitment to the game. The latter leads us to comment that new players, new members are always welcome – contact Colin Appleton on 605 492 937 or Jimmy Cochrane on 653 093 937 or email to the Secretary at mazarronbowlsclub@outlook.com

More information at www.mazarronbowlsclub.webs.com