Wind, Rain, COVID-19 And 90 Days!
MBC Club Championship rounds got started again after the November lock down, with one discipline waiting for the Finals weekend in March and the other disciplines are not far behind, but as I write this report we are unable to go bowling again due to lockdown so hoping by the time this article is published that we are back on the rink.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions we had to curb our fun on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day slightly, but Colin Appleton had chosen for us to play ‘Last Man Standing’ which is having three or four players on a rink each with four woods. After an end is played, the bowl furthest from the jack gets taken out. Eventually one wood remains and is the winner! We were not allowed to provide our usual festive spread of food, but those members that were there got some fresh air, exercise and a laugh!

Snowbird members in the LLB clubs were hoping that Brexit would not cause problems with winter bowling in Spain, but as I write this report I am waiting to see what can be done to extend our stay in Spain from the 90 days out of the 180 days laid out in the Brexit rules. At present MBC has three or four Snowbirds, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference to numbers, but other clubs have many more Snowbirds which would make a difference when playing competitions. It is believed that a visa for non-residents wanting to stay more than 90 days will hopefully become available so that the winter can be spent in the warmer weather for up to six months, then go home and enjoy the summer!!

The Just World Indoor Bowls Championship took place at Potters Leisure Resort, Norfolk last month behind closed doors due to COVID-19 and because of the pandemic no overseas players were involved. If you missed it on TV you can catch up with all the action on YouTube where all the games played can be found. World Number One, Nick Brett, had to withdraw this year as he broke his wrist whilst out on the golf course, so not a happy man!

The almond trees have started to blossom with white and pink flowers, which in Spain is a sign that Spring is here, carpeting the countryside we drive through to get to bowls.

If you would like to try a new sport in 2021 or wish to play bowls again, please give Harry our secretary a ring on 619 349 671. He will have all the up to-date COVID-19 information regarding our roll-ups on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am on Hacienda del Alamo.

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Helen Chambers