I won’t mention Brexit!

As I write this report in the middle of November, bowling has been put on hold again due to COVID-19, except for two Mazarrón Bowls Club members who can use the home rink at Hacienda Del Alamo as they live there. The rest of our club members live outside of Fuente Alamo municipality so are unable to go bowling which has caused disruption to our winter calendar, starting with the Club Winter Triples League which was scheduled to commence at the beginning of November. 

Colin Appleton our Competition Secretary has introduced a new game for this winter; Pair Sets League to be played on Fridays instead of our club playing in the LLB League this year, The draw has taken place and the schedule of play is a ‘round robin’ format over ten weeks. The game consists of two sets of eight ends, plus a third set of three ends (if required due to a draw). Scoring is two points for a win. Club Championship games are also running behind time, but hopefully these will get back on track.

It is with great sadness that in October two members died.

Colin Sear on a Potters Holiday
Colin Sear on a Potters Holiday

Colin Sear was an Honorary Founder Member of MBC and at one time was President and also Captain. In the early days of the club, Colin worked hard along with other members to get the club recognised and managed to get our club into joining the CBBA (Costa Blanca Bowls Association) and SABA (South Alicante Bowls Association) now known as the LLB (Levante Lawn Bowling). Colin was a well-respected bowler and known by many bowlers in the Levante area. Colin’s wife Brenda had a collection at the funeral which was generously supported for MABS. 

The club’s youngest Snowbird member Andrew Bunce sadly lost his battle against motor neurone disease. Andrew was a great bowler and coach for Wadebridge Bowling Club in Cornwall and was a well-recognised player for MBC, playing in the LLB league and MBC games.

They will both be greatly missed.

Clive Hoyal with members of New Milton BC
Clive Hoyal with members of New Milton BC

Another MBC Snowbird, Clive Hoyal from Dorset, has now become a Spanish resident along with his wife Claire. Clive was given a farewell party at New Milton Bowling Club where he had been a member for several years. 

Readers – a suggestion that you check under your car bonnets for rodent damage! One of our members has already had to have repairs done to his car this autumn and a few years ago we too had damage.

Our website www.mazarronbowlsclub.com will have up-to-date information on what the club is able to do in these times of COVID-19 or give Harry our secretary a ring on 619 349 671.

What’s On

Assuming restriction are lowered:

Tuesdays – Mazarrón Bowls Club Roll Up at Hacienda del Alamo 10am 

Thursdays – Mazarrón Bowls Club Roll up at Hacienda del Alamo 10am

Christmas Greetings to you all.

Helen Chambers