We hope you are keeping safe and managing to keep abreast of the constant changes we are having to endure, all for our safety. COVID has had a bad effect on the charities who rely on your donations. We are having to cut back to giving aid to serious medical cases and have unfortunately had to refuse the request for help with feral cats. 

Richard has started back on Camposol B car park on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm opposite the Tangerina gas station. If you have donations that can be taken immediately he can take them, or you can make arrangements to have larger pieces collected. 

We still have a few pieces of furniture, wardrobes, suites, fans, light fittings and lots of clothes and bric-a-brac in our shop in Puerto de Mazarrón.


Our vet Paco was uncommonly vocal last week (with justification) about the ignorance of the people that fish from the harbour walls and beaches. Someone left a large used fishhook with bait on it lying on the ground, only for a lovely dog to find and swallow the hook and bait. The owner was heartbroken. He was so sure his dog would die. Paco x-rayed the dog and saw what was in the dog’s stomach and was furious. He and his team managed to save the dog and the owner was delighted. He was in the shop to say thank you for our help and he was on the brink of tears. We were so happy for him and his beloved Alek.

Apparently this discarding of hooks occurs quite frequently and in previous cases has sometimes proved fatal to the animal concerned, so can we please appeal to all good fisherman to keep all your equipment safe and take everything home with you.

MAMAS shop is quite easy to find. Drive to Puerto de Mazarrón towards Consum, where you will turn left and Calle San Juan is the 3rd road on the left. We are situated on the left hand side of the road.

Look after yourselves and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tel 666 186 037