Hello from the shrinking team at MAMAS.

If our lack of volunteers carry on we will have to finish, which would be a terrible shame after all these years. This really is a heartfelt plea for help in a big shop. Just a couple of hours a week is all we ask!

We are enjoying a cool October which is a welcome relief from August!  Our pets will be cooling down as well.  After preferring the tiles all summer, they are all looking for their beds now! Dogs aren’t daft!

This month, one of the animals we have been asked to help is Dona

For some reason she has lost the use of her back legs. Her distraught owners gave us a request for help from our vet Paco who is investigating Dona’s strange affliction. If anyone can get to the bottom of anything, it’s Paco and his amazing team. We hope to hear the results of his findings soon, as Dona is being treated at the moment.

As always we need your donations.

We will accept absolutely anything you don’t want! The exceptions are small electricals which sell better if they work! 

The shop is packed to the gunnels with goodies that you really do need! Come in for a browse.

Richard hasn’t started back on Camposol B car park as yet, due to being so short staffed we need him in the shop. Unfortunately, due to Richard being very, very old, he can only deliver lighter items! The collection and delivery of large goods will now be arranged with someone else as all the heavy lifting on his own is impossible. Sorry Richard, but the Botox and tight jeans are fooling no-one!!! 

You should know where we are by now, but I’ll remind you anyway. Go past Lidl down the road to Consum on the left. Turn there and go up three calles to Calle San Juan on the left. There dear friends is the MAMAS shop on the left. Come on down and visit us.

Take care and hope to see you soon. 

Tel 666 186 037