Hello to you all

We hope you and your pets are keeping well. We thought we would change our section a little this month to talk about our work.

MAMAS initially started off quite a few years ago dealing with urgent requests for help. These last few years we seem to be dealing with feral cats which unfortunately has taken us off our initial policies of having the money to deal with genuine requests for help. That’s not to say if you want your family cat sterilising or he falls ill we wouldn’t help of course, but feral cat populations, although not a new problem, has begun to swamp our resources, so we need to cut back on this and concentrate more on our main concern which is helping sick animals in distress.

Last month we were busy as usual dealing with many requests for help and to show the kind of work we do here are a couple of examples:-

Chica - Infected  Uteris!
Chica – Infected Uteris!

Chica – This young girl had an infected uterus and was in great pain and needed an immediate operation.

Triton – He had previously lost one leg and seemed to manage quite well on three, but then a large growth appeared at the top of another leg. As I write this, the vet is investigating to see if the growth can be removed without him losing his second leg. Let’s hope it turns out alright for him.

Triton - Amputation
Triton – Amputation

Whilst here, I must ask, or rather plead, for voluntary help. We have already cut our shop hours per day and days per week as we are critically short staffed. Please consider a few hours, we would be so grateful. The shop is situated in Puerto de Mazarrón. Going past the new shopping centre on your right and Lidl on the left down a little hill, you will see Consum on the left. Turn here and MAMAs is in the third road on the left; Calle San Juan.

Also on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm, Richard is on Camposol B lower car park. He can take small donations or organise larger collections for you.

Tel 666 186 037