Hello to all our readers and friends. We hope this finds you well. Slowly but surely the temperatures are creeping up which is nice and I think that we are all looking forward to some pleasant spring weather.

We are still having a tough time running the shop without sufficient staff – are you sure you couldn’t spare a couple of hours? We are getting donations but are unable to sort and price them up for sale!

Anyone fancy popping down for a morning, rolling your sleeves up and having a good root through the bags and boxes in the store room and maybe find a few treasures?

The hours and the days we can open are reduced but requests for help are not getting any less, it is a struggle.

One of the pets we helped this month was a lovely German Shepherd dog called Chicote who had a very nasty ear infection. His owners didn’t have a lot of money and had been trying to treat it by using a salt water wash but once they realised how serious it was, they came to Mamas for help.  We authorized an emergency payment so that Chicote could be treated immediately and we are pleased to say that he has now fully recovered and his owners are delighted.

If you have any donations such as small working electricals, old spectacles, purses, handbags, towels, cushions, clean useable clothes, bedding etc, we could sell them.  If you have a larger item please contact Mamas for collection.

Look forward to seeing you soon.