WOW! There really is a lot of stuff in our shop this month. The lads have done a house clearance and we have got some nice items. This is great for making the money required to help you with a sudden big vet bill.

If you have a donation for us, please call in the shop which is in the Puerto de Mazarrón. Turn left at Consum and we are in the third street on the left, Calle San Juan. You can’t miss us!

Also, we banish Richard every Tuesday to Camposol B car park from 10am-12pm. Here you can drop your donations or arrange with Richard to have larger items collected.

Our friend Vagabundo has had the most awful time. This gentle boy was horrendously attacked by abandoned Campo dogs. He was left for dead, but along with his wonderful caring owner and his strength of character, Vagabundo pulled through. He had a long operation to put him back together. We can’t show you the photos of his operation as they are too graphic, but in one photo you can see his liver. The vet said he has never seen such a ferocious attack. Here he is with his war wounds and feeling much better. He is a rescue himself and lives happily with another twenty brothers and sisters. 

Vagabundo is one of many cats and dogs we have seen this month. Another dog was brought to us by his distraught owner after he was attacked by a female neighbour with a broom. His leg looked broken and he was very frightened. The young owner got a quote from our vet Paco and he is now all mended – don’t go near that horrid woman again!

We keep having to turn away people requesting sterilisation for feral cats. Please be sensible and make sure you know the sex of the kitty and present us with a factura for one cat. We get many requests, but we are here for emergencies – not routine things. We are inundated and it causes bad feeling with those requesting our assistance when we explain our situation. If your cat problem is out of control approach the Ayuntamiento.

We couldn’t do our work without you or your donations and as always, Thank You.

Tel 666 186 037


Helping you helping animals

Registered charity no 9537/1a