Phew! We all like the sun and heat, but this summer just seemed hotter…I know, it’s what we signed up for, but now we have to be careful what we wish for as we don’t want too much refreshing rain!

The dog refuges are busy with dumped puppies – which can bring with it the dreaded Parvo. These baby dogs will not have had their vaccinations and are easy targets for this virulent and highly contagious disease. Unfortunately, this month we have three serious cases of puppies and an unvaccinated dog including Kira. By offering the owners of these poorly animals monetary assistance, it will make it difficult to attend to other animals and their ailments due to high veterinary costs. Make sure you know exactly where your new puppy has come from and preferably see the mother’s health vaccination record book as she can pass Parvo on. Please for the sake of the dog – vaccinate against this awful disease.

July and August have been very poor months for MAMAS with manager and staff holidays resulting in more closures for the shop. We really do need volunteers. Please try and find a couple of hours to give this useful charity a hand. Jean and Richard are involved 7 days a week!

As always we are so grateful for your donations and are happy with anything you give us – preferably working. If it’s not working for you, it won’t work for us and our ‘discerning’ customers want a lot for 2€!!! Bedding, cushions, beds, sofas, dining furniture, your old garden furniture which people buy to ‘upcycle’, clothes (nice laundered items please) bric-a-brac, jigsaws, tools, pictures, absolutely anything is gratefully received. If it needs collecting, give Richard a ring on 666 186 037 to arrange to have it collected and have a photo ready if you can so he can get an idea of whether or not he needs assistance.

Please do call in to our shop. We are at the back of Consum in Puerto de Mazarrón. Turn between Consum and the O’Clock Bar. We are on the 3rd road on the left, Calle San Juan.