Hi and welcome to this month’s MAMAS comings and goings. We hope you’re all well and enjoying the break from the rain! Just hoping it’s not a sign of the global warming! Not what we all came for!

We have had some large and costly emergencies this month but as always, we weigh each request up fairly at our committee meeting and give as much as possible. One of those was a stunning quite large St Bernard called Estrella. As is usual with big dogs, her back and hips were getting sore and she suddenly couldn’t get up. Her owners were quite scared and rushed her to the wonderful Paco for tests and his observations. It turned out not so bad and a small operation put her on the path to recovery.

There was another big request from something that seems to be recurring, infected uterus. Prevalent in older female dogs that haven’t been spayed. People just don’t realise how useful, besides being important, getting your pet sterilised is. It can prevent testicular cancer in males and reproductive organ infections in females. 

We are desperate for furniture and large working electricals. Please give us a ring if you have anything that we could collect. Nice clean clothes, bedding, towels, tablecloths and curtains, the Spanish love their curtains! Any bric-a-brac and small working electricals go well. Also games and jigsaw puzzles – lots of holiday makers like a jigsaw when they come in for a break from the sun! Anything really, if you can drop it off for us that would be smashing as due to a lack of volunteers Richard can’t go to Camposol for his Tuesday collections and gab.

We still have plenty of furniture and beds so call in and have a peruse. We look forward to seeing you.