After a shaky start to our normally lovely spring – welcome to summer! We all hope we don’t see a spring as wet as that again as it certainly kept potential customers away – which didn’t have the till dinging very much!

We managed to help some emergencies last month, one being a girl named Maya. She had a growth on her haunch which looked quite frightening. Paco removed it as soon as we had agreed how much we could help with. We received some graphic photos of said lump and operation, but I think you will rather enjoy looking at the lovely Maya as she continues to improve each day. The results from histology revealed the lump to be malignant. We always ask the owner to bring their pup to revisit, but at the moment Maya is still recovering at home.

We still welcome your freshly laundered cast-off clothes, bedding, cushions, rugs and curtains. Bric-a-brac also goes well. Jigsaws are popular at this time of year, as staying in out of the heat can be boring! Any furniture you want rid of, please send us an email or ring Richard.

This July, due to awful staff shortages, we will have to close all month. This means a terrible loss of income, but the managers do 7 days a week and deserve a break along with our small team of hardworking volunteers. 

MAMAS will reopen on 3rd August.

By the time you read this we will have had quite a few furniture items brought into the shop, so when we do re-open in August there should be lots of new things to see, so watch ‘Items for sale’ on the internet or call in; even better!

Have a great summer, keep out of the mid-day sun and hopefully we will see you all again in August with a shop full of new items.