Well, did you have a good Christmas holiday and New Year?

MAMAS was busy raising money for needy pets, but we enjoyed our short break and are all ready to start selling your wonderful donations, which as you know we need to help your poorly pet. 

This last month, apart from fairly routine assistance, we had some emergencies:

Poor old Nera had to have a mastectomy bless her little heart.  She needed a lot of aftercare and her owners were worrying about paying her bill. Paco recommended them to us and we like to think we came to their rescue. Nera isn’t out of the woods, but she’s in excellent hands at Paco’s.

Turco was unwell and getting worse and his owners were worrying about taking him to the vet. They did and after a series of extensive tests he was diagnosed with leishmaniosis. This is a dreadful disease, which can possibly be avoided by not letting your pet out before sun up and after sundown when the sandfly is active. Turco will always have the disease, but a very cheap daily tablet will keep him stable. Good luck little man, you should be fine now.

Clearly, we couldn’t help with instances like this if it wasn’t for you. If you have unwanted items you can drop them with Richard, who loiters for two hours every  Tuesday between 10am & 12pm on Camposol B car park opposite Tangerina petrol station. You can also organise to have any bigger items picked up.

You really need to come to our shop, in Puerto de Mazarrón, behind Consum in the third street on the left – Calle San Juan.

I need to make a New Year’s plea for volunteers. We really are desperate, as two long-time lady volunteers have left due to ill health. This puts a lot of pressure on Jean and Richard to keep a very big store open stocked and running! It’s as easy or hard as you want! I like to be busy (it keeps me out of trouble!). Give us a ring or call in.

Christmas Holidays

We are taking our usual long break for the festive season and will re-open on Tuesday 7th of Jan to give everyone a well-earned rest, but we can still be contacted during this time by phone or email if you want to arrange something.

Tel 666 186 037


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