Not long now until the festive season – Christmas, goodwill to all men and animals.

Although we are open as usual, people are still staying at home, so our funds are low and this results in us being unable to give as much aid as we would like. Despite the many requests we receive, everybody gets something.  Unfortunately we just cannot help with feral cats. We hate saying no, but there are just too many.

The shop is full of great and interesting stuff. All of a sudden we have Spanish books – lots in fact! Even though we look stuffed in the shop, we still need your donations of clean clothes and bedding, towels, small working electricals and bric-a-brac. We get people coming in for records and DVDs so they are still popular. If you are unable to bring items to the shop or they are too large, Richard can collect them. Give him a ring or email him.


This month our big request for urgent help came from the owners of Buster the cat who was knocked by a car and left with a smashed hip. His people loved him enough to take him to Paco our smashing vet, who is an exceptional orthopaedic vet. It was an expensive operation, but we were able to help. It was touch and go, but the hapless kitty made it. He is still recuperating and we wish him well.

It’s impossible not to put a plea out for volunteers. If you could give us a hand a couple of hours a week that would be great. We need help just going through donations and pricing and putting them out for display, a bit of tidying up and plenty of tea and cake.

Once again we wish you well and hope you stay safe. 

For Emergencies 

Tel: 666 186 037