Well, come on, admit it, have you complained it’s too hot yet!! We’ve all been like dying swans in the shop and are huddling in front of the fan!

Amongst those we gave assistance too last month was teeny Luna. She looks like she’s been in the wars already! Her owners took her to Paco, our vet in Puerto de Mazarrón. She had three tumorous lumps on her body. They were removed immediately and sent for testing. They were caught so early there should be no further problems. Luna is recovering at home with lots of love and care. 

These wobbly lumps can appear on older dogs. Although they seem alarming its always best to get them checked, they are not always tumours.

Don’t forget, we still need your donations however small or large.

We can’t finish without asking you to consider volunteering for MAMAS. It’s not hard work; just sorting donations and displaying them, or putting clothes on hangers. Whatever you can do would be so appreciated.