At last! It looks like summer’s here. Although great for us humans, we need to be aware that our pets need a little help with keeping cool and with flea and tick treatments. Watch out also for those burning pavements and sand. It is very painful for a dog. It is not a great time for unsterilized cats and dogs who, in this day and age, should be neutered and spayed. There is nothing more horrible than seeing a female dog being chased by half a dozen dogs in the mad heat of the day. Although we are here for urgent medical cases, if we have money left we will try to help with sterilization.

Talking about urgent cases! A lovely old dog called Perrito who is 18 years old and the apple of his Spanish mum’s eye was seriously ill and had to be rushed to Paco our vet. He was originally found abandoned in Alicante and had been mistreated. It was many weeks before his new mum could touch him and he is still wary of men. His kidneys and liver were failing and he had to spend two nights in hospital until he stabilized. He had endless tests and he is now on a protein-free diet (which looks delicious!) and medication. His owner gave us things to sell in the shop to show her gratitude. All we want is for Perrito to be well.

Things were a little better for Richard when he returned from his two hours on Camposol B lower car park with some great donations. If you have things that you can drop off, he is there on Tuesdays 10am-12pm. Like the rest of the charities, our funds are getting low and it is your donations that enable us to do what we do. Small working electricals, bric-a-brac, clean clothes, bedding, rugs; in fact anything you don’t need or use anymore we can sell. We still have a vast amount of mattresses (some with bases), sofas, cabinets, tables and chairs, pictures, frames and mirrors. Come and see for yourself!

Please note that due to the heat and holidays we are going to have to cancel the car park visits for July and August. We plan to restart in September when we get back to normal, but in the meantime we will still be around, so just contact us if you have any large items and we will arrange a collection.

I must put out our usual plea for help!

We desperately need help in the shop, as well as good strong active men to help our ageing manager. It would make him very happy! Please think about it. You would be helping us to help needy animals.

Our shop is in Puerto de Mazarrón. At Consum turn left coming from the shopping centre, then we are in the third road on the left; Calle San Juan. We look forward to seeing you.

Tel: 666 186 037