Now, we are inundated with VOLUNTEERS!!

Oh, if only!! We were told that a lot of the other charity shops are struggling as well. There are so many retirees in the area – but where are you!? We only really require your presence. There’s as much to do as you want, or have a cuppa tea and a gab (that’s what we do – but Richard our manager has no idea!!!!). It’s not demanding and it’s so worthwhile. We don’t want to disband MAMAS; it’s such an important charity, but truly we need help. Have a trial run with us. 

Archa – Poor little mite had a blockage and a very swollen tummy. His owners took him to Paco’s who needed to operate. He advised them in this emergency to approach MAMAS with his quote. We were able to assist and in time the little guy will be all healed and living his life again. His owners brought us some lovely things to sell. They were so grateful; it brings a lump to your throat when you know how happy you helped to make the desperate owners.


We could do with bric-a-brac and small working electrical items which sell really well. Richard is on Camposol B lower carpark opposite Tangerina garage from 10am-12pm every Tuesday where he can collect your unwanted items or organise for bigger items to be collected.

Come Visit!

At the moment we have a huge amount of beds in our shop. Where are you all sleeping? I think we’ve got all the beds in Mazarrón here! The shop is packed with great items, so come and have a browse; no pushy salesmen here.

Where Are We?

We are in Puerto de Mazarrón, past Lidl and the Renault garage down the road towards the port. At Consum, turn left and we are in the third road on the left; Calle San Juan.

Tel 666 186 037



Helping You Helping Animals

Registered charity no 9537/1a