Hello all 

We hope this finds you safe and well and avoiding the dreaded virus. 

I wonder what Christmas will be like this year; quite different I imagine. 

Here at MAMAS we have started to put our decorations out, both to brighten the shop and for sale. There are also some nice pieces of furniture and we have a large selection of beds. We are following all safety guidelines so don’t be afraid to call in. 

One of your pets we helped this month was Bella. We were approached by a distraught family whose lovely dog had an alarming tumour on her chest. It must have been very uncomfortable and her owners were afraid it might be serious. They had a quote for surgery from our vet Paco for an emergency operation and we managed to scrape together as much as we could, given that we are down so much money each month due the current situation. Her operation was a success and we are so pleased for Bella and we wish her well for a full recovery. 

We have to ask, as we always do, for extra help; just a couple of mornings or whatever you can spare. Come in and have a chat. 

Richard will be on Camposol B car park 10am- 12pm on Tuesdays ( r e s t r i c t i o n s permitting). He collects your kind donations such as clean clothes, small working electricals, bric-a-brac, or whatever you would like to donate. Larger donations can be collected from your house if you speak with Richard. 


We have recently been updating our Facebook page which can be found listed at Mazarron Animal Medi-aid. If you take a look, you can see a selection of the items we have for sale plus some details and stories of pets we have helped in the past. 

Take care and we hope you have a good Christmas. 

Tel 666 186 037