We have had a busy month selling all our donated goods in order to raise funds to help you with your pet’s medical emergency. The shop is packed to the gunnels – come and have a look, you will definitely see something you really don’t need! Lots of beds, books, clothes, bric-a-brac and bedding.

Although we have many requests for help with emergency bills we like to do a little feature on a pet whose owners have sent us a photo. This month is the turn of Silka who had become listless and disinterested in her food. Upon taking her to the vet, it was found she had a shocking uterus infection. We seem to have had a few requests from people whose pets have been affected and through this we have learned how dangerous it can be.  We had to act quickly and gave her owner her voucher mid-month, which is difficult for us to do as we are still catching up from giving the money away the previous month! As usual we try our best to be flexible. This little darling is making a good recovery and should be back to her boisterous self very soon.

We deal only with Paco in Puerto de Mazarrón, so if you require our help with an emergency, please go to him for a quote. We try not to do routine things as it uses the funds up for serious situations. If we have anything left then we give a little towards non-emergencies.

If you haven’t been to the shop, we are in Puerto de Mazarrón, past the new shopping centre, Lidl and a little way down you will see Consum on your left. Turn here and then we are in the third left on Calle San Juan.

Richard our wayward manager can be found dodging and diving on Camposol B lower car park, on a Tuesday between 10am-12pm. Have a chat and if necessary organise to have your larger unwanted item collected.

Tel 666 186 037



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