Roman Catholic Church:

We are in St Joseph’s Church (El Saladillo), near Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club urbanizations (exit 17, RM3 motorway). 

Schedule of Mass in English: 

Saturday: Mass at St Joseph’s, El Saladillo, near Mazarrón Country Club @ 4.30pm (in English)

Schedule of Confessions:  One hour before Masses. (Also on request.) Call 676 219 445 or email 

Sermons of the Cure of Ars – Saint John Maria Vianney, the parish priest of Ars

Another bad habit which is very common in homes and among working people is impatience, grumbling and swearing. Now my children, where do you get with your impatience and your grumbling? Do your affairs go any better? 

Do they cause you any less trouble?

Is it not rather, the other way around? You have a lot more trouble with them and, what is even worse, you lose all the merit which you might have gained for Heaven. 

You will tell me that is all very well for those who have nothing to put up with…. If they were in my shoes they would probably be much worse…. 

I would agree with all that, my children, if we were not Christians, if we had nothing to hope for beyond what benefits and pleasures we might taste in this world. I would agree if — I repeat — we were the first people who ever suffered anything, but since the time of Adam until the present, all the saints have had something to suffer and most of them far more than have we, but they suffered with patience, always subject to the will of God and soon their troubles were finished and their happiness, which has begun, will never come to an end. 

Let us contemplate, my dear brethren, this beautiful Heaven. Let us think about the happiness which God has prepared for us there and we shall endure all the evils of life in a spirit of penitence, with the hope of an eternal reward. If only you could have the happiness of being able to say in the evening that your whole day had been spent for God!