Roman Catholic Church

We are in St Joseph’s Church (El Saladillo), near Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club urbanizations (exit 17, RM 3 motorway).

Schedule of Masses:

Every Saturday: Mass is at 4.30pm (in English)
Every Sunday: Mass (in English) at 4.30pm
On the first Sunday of the month, the Mass is the Traditional Mass in Latin – the first Sunday of the month there is no Mass in English.

Schedule of Confessions:

Saturdays and Sundays from 3.15-4.20pm (also on request)

The Autobiography of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, a Carmelite Sister

Our Lord made me understand that the only true glory is that which lasts forever; and that to attain it there is no necessity to do brilliant deeds, but rather to hide from the eves of others and even from oneself, so that ‘the left hand knows not what the right hand does’. (cf. Matthew 6:3).

Then, as I reflected that I was born for great things and sought the means to attain them, it was made known to me interiorly that my personal glory would never reveal itself before the eyes of men, but that it would consist in becoming a Saint. This aspiration may very well appear rash, seeing how imperfect I was and am, even now, after so many years of religious life; yet I still feel the same daring confidence that one day I shall become a great Saint. I am not trusting in my own merits, for I have none; but I trust in Him who is Virtue and Holiness itself. It is He alone who, pleased with my feeble efforts, will raise me to Himself and, by clothing me with His merits, make me a Saint. At that time I did not realize that to become one it is necessary to suffer a great deal.

I shall always remember my First Communion Day as one of unclouded happiness. It seems to me that I could not have been better prepared.

(to be continued)