Roman Catholic Church:

We are in St Joseph’s Church (El Saladillo), near Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club urbanizations (exit 17, RM3 motorway). 

Schedule of Masses: 

Saturday: Mass at 4.30pm (in English).

Schedule of Confessions:  Saturday from 3.15pm-4.20pm. (Also on request.)

The Autobiography of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (The Little Flower), a Carmelite sister.

I remember an act of charity with which God inspired me while I was still a novice and this act, though seemingly small, has been rewarded even in this life by Our Heavenly Father, “Who sees in secret.” 

Shortly before Sister St Peter became quite bedridden, it was necessary every evening for someone to leave medication and take her to the refectory. It cost me a good deal to offer my services, for I knew the difficulty, or I should say the impossibility, of pleasing the poor invalid, but I did not want to lose such a good opportunity, for I recalled Our Lord’s words: “As long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to Me.” 

Every evening, when I saw her shake her sand-glass, I understood that she meant: “Let us go!”

Summoning up all my courage, I rose and the ceremony began. First of all, her stool had to be moved and carried in a particular way and on no account must there be any hurry.

“You are going too fast,” she would say. “I shall fall and hurt myself!”

When we reached the refectory without further mishap, more troubles were in store. I had to settle my poor invalid in her place, taking great pains not to hurt her. Then I had to turn back her sleeves, always according to her own special rubric and after this I was allowed to go, but I soon noticed that she found it very difficult to cut her bread, so I did not leave her until I had performed this last service.

She was much touched by this attention and it was by this unsought-for kindness that I gained her entire confidence and chiefly because — as I learnt later — at the end of my humble task, I bestowed upon her my sweetest smile.