Well, we take our words back! In July we commented that the virus was on the wane…..spoke too soon! As with all the charities, we have found these last few months difficult as our income has been reduced because of the amount of time we had to close our shop, but by using our limited cash reserves we have still been able to help all our applicants.

Richard has gone back to the Camposol B car park, near the petrol station for his usual 10am-12pm stint to collect any smaller donations eg. small electrical items, clean clothes, bric-a-brac; whatever really. Richard is now able to call at your house to pick up larger household goods which we can sell to put to good use on your behalf. Please contact us if you have any suitable items to collect

As usual we need to mention again; we are desperate for volunteers. If you could possibly spare a couple of hours you would be helping more than you know – we really are struggling. There are only three regular (everyday) members of staff. Due to the current situation some staff have opted to stay home, so if you could help even if it’s after the COVID crisis, please give us a call.

We would like to tell you about a very pretty little dog that we came to the rescue of. Her name is Laika. Her family couldn’t afford to get her spayed and she was constantly pregnant. Once again she was wooed and won over by a large dog – she is a dinky Yorkshire Terrier. She was due to give birth, but the owners felt something wasn’t right – she was huge. The vet explained that the puppies were very big and giving birth would kill her.
The owner contacted us in an emergency (our speciality) and gave us her quote from Paco (our vet) to do an emergency C section. All six babies were saved as was Laika. They were indeed large and Laika was a lucky girl. They were gorgeous fluffy puppies! Thank goodness, that although her owners couldn’t get around to spaying her, they thought enough of her to seek help. We have now also helped to pay towards her spaying so that she is no longer at risk. Laika and her babies are all doing well.

Once again, we wish you well and that you’re coping with this awful situation we all find ourselves in.

For emergencies call 666 186 037 or email