Welcome to November. I wonder what’s in store for us this month?
Let’s hope that the situation is improving and we hope you have been keeping well and safe.

Although we are open as usual, people are staying home, so funds are thin on the ground to say the least. We had a lot of requests for help though and gave as much as we could. The shop is full of great stuff as we are still collecting donations. We have all safety precautions in place so don’t be afraid to call in! We miss you!

A poor little dog certainly needed some intervention this month from MAMAS. A small terrier type was cruelly abandoned, only to be knocked over and left with a fractured femur. He was rescued by a wonderful lady who took him to our vet Paco. The break was a bad one and we saw the dreadful x-rays. To put the leg together required a very experienced orthopaedic vet – who just happened to be Paco! The operation was very expensive, but due to the lady and the dog being so determined we had to help. Pipo, as he was named, was rescued, mended and adopted! We love a happy ending and wish Pipo a great life.

It’s impossible not to put a plea out for volunteers! We need YOU! It’s not hard work; just sorting donations and keeping an eye on things in general. Please call in or give us a call.

As usual Richard is on Camposol B car park near the petrol station every-Tuesday from 10am-12pm. He can collect your small electricals, bric-a brac, or nice clean saleable clothes. Bigger donations can be collected by request under strict COVID restrictions.

Once again we all wish you well and please adhere to the rules and let’s get on top of this dreadful virus. Take care.

For emergencies:
Tel 666 186 037
Email mazarronanimalmedi_aid@zoho.com