Good Autumn everyone,

I hope this finds you well. After the rain followed by heat there are a lot of mosquitoes about so beware! Little perishers!

We are still having a quiet time in the shop, so we could do with a few more visitors! We haven’t seen you for a while, so come and have a mooch. Ya can’t whack a good mooch! There are some really nice items. Autumn clothes are coming in, so we’re changing our ranges from summer accordingly! We have lots of books for those that like to hold what they’re reading as I do and very cheap, (the books not me).

As normal we have helped our poorly animals where we can and one particular big boy by the name of Tayson (yes that’s the correct spelling!) had a serious problem in his nether regions, which his owner insisted on showing us – eye watering stuff. Paco has hopefully saved this lovely softy who is very much loved. I think he may visit us again. I do hope so. We like revisits as it’s nice to know we have helped in a small way.

As I mentioned, the shop is ‘choca’ full. Do come and see us. If you could spare a couple of hours with us sorting donations and helping us put them out for sale, we would be so grateful. A big strong chap who could help with collection and delivery would be a godsend. Richard isn’t getting any younger and is finding this part of the work extremely difficult. 

Any donations are always welcome, without them we couldn’t keep going. You can drop items off at the shop or if that’s not possible, especially if they are larger items such as furniture, just contact us and we will arrange a collection.

Until next time, you know where we are; behind Consum in Puerto de Mazarrón, 3rd road on the left in Calle San Juan…you can’t miss us, our windows are filthy!!