Hi friends of MAMAS. We hope this finds you all well and thankful that this awful situation is on the wane.

Although the shop did open at the beginning of June, we are short staffed at the moment as it was left to individual volunteers to decide when they felt comfortable returning to help.  We have all the normal procedures in place to keep you safe if you would like to visit us.

We are unable at this time to take donations from you at the car park on Camposol B, but we can collect from your house, so if you have large items, or can’t travel, please get in touch.

If you have a problem with your pet, please contact us for help and we can issue a voucher.

You can do this by calling at the MAMA’s shop, or if this is not possible, call 666 186 037 or email mazarronanimalmedi_aid@zoho.com

Just to remind you; if you could spare a few hours to volunteer in the shop we would be delighted to meet you!

We hope all will be back to the ‘new normal’ very soon.

Take care.

The photo is of Oscar who needed emergency treatment. We hope you are feeling better now you handsome boy.