That’s Christmas 2022 all done and dusted! We hope you enjoyed it and weren’t too affected by the austerity that is affecting family and friends in our homelands. Fingers crossed that 2023 is kinder to everyone. Obviously it has hit all the charities and we are no exception. Animals can’t help getting poorly and we do our best to assist towards costs.

Talking of animals getting poorly, we had a lovely little 4 year old girl called Mia who wasn’t spayed and was caught by a romeo of exactly the same breed. Because she was such a small dog, the unborn puppies became a danger to her life, so an emergency caesarean plus a sterilization to protect her in the future had to be carried out. In a nice happy ending for Christmas, the mother and 6 of the 7 puppies survived.

The chap was able to re-home them, as this is something that we don’t do and thankfully he knew all the people he gave them to, so hopefully they will all have a good life in their new homes. It was a costly affair and we helped him pay the vet fees.

We sold some nice furniture which was donated a while ago, but still have an especially nice modern matching TV and display cabinet and matching extending table and six chairs. They are in lovely condition and worth looking at. There are also lots of winter clothes, coats, jumpers and long pants. We also have a good supply of books, pictures, mirrors and lamps. You name it, I’m sure we’ve got it! There’s a brilliant ash hoover which takes all the effort out of clearing your ashes away (I can personally confirm this!).

We would still be pleased to receive your donations. Anything large can be collected if you contact Richard.

Please Consider

I can’t finish without telling you that MAMAS is struggling to keep going without volunteer staff. Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to do something nice by giving up a couple of hours a week to help sort donations? It’s not strenuous or difficult, but extremely useful to MAMAS. Richard is currently unable to leave the shop to collect donations at Camposol until more volunteers are found.