Buenas dias readers. We hope this finds you well. Apart from a couple of wet days in November haven’t we had the best weather!  

Everyday is the same for our pets and they will have accidents, like our little friend Toby. He is the tiniest Yorkshire Terrier and much loved by his family. However, they took their eye off him for a nano second and he got knocked down. He is obviously a tough little guy as he survived, but not without a ghastly shattered femur. His owners dashed him off to Paco who is a well-known veterinarian orthopaedic surgeon. He was operated on and his tiny little leg was pinned back together. His owner brought him for a visit and there he is with his plastered leg – but a typical dog – lovely happy face and waggy tail!! If we see you again, we hope it’s to see you dashing about again little man. It was a big bill, but we gave what we could to lighten the load.

********In order to make the money required to help your pets – firstly we need a premises, which we have, then we need staff to man it!

We are hopelessly undermanned and desperately need staff.

It would be so sad to lose this lovely helpful little charity. Jean and Richard are working 7 days a week and man the shop 4 of those days, having to close the other days.

*********Richard is unable to go to Camposol as he did for years to keep our profile out there.

********* Somebody to help on a Tuesday morning would be fantastic as it would allow Richard to pick up friends and contacts again.

Please consider a couple of hours. 

As always your donations are welcome. Anything you have that you think is of no use will be of use to someone else!  We welcome electrical goods, but only those that work! (Large or small). Anything else; bedding, pots, pans, cutlery, books, jigsaws, gadgets, ornaments and furniture – you might not want it, but we do! Please call in to our shop and have a browse.

If you don’t know where we are, we are in Puerto de Mazarrón. Go to Consum on the left corner and the O’clock Bar on other corner. Go between them and we are in the 3rd road on the left – Calle San Juan.

We hope to see you soon.