All the staff at MAMAs hope the New Year is going well for you. We are enduring a lot of changes in our lives financially and healthwise. So, we hope you’re coping and remaining cheerful.

First, after many years, right from the beginning of MAMAs, our Pat is retiring from MAMAs. She went over and above the opening hours, day after day opening the shop in her own time and sorting donations, which due to being so short staffed, started to build up. On Thursday the day I work, I attempted to do my own work and do what Pat did when she was in the shop! I was exhausted – she did the work of three people! To say she will be missed is an understatement, she had many lovely customers that always had fun with her and she was always up for a laugh. Can’t believe she won’t be around anymore. From the few of us still around, we wish you all the best Pat and hope you find much happiness in your next adventure.

Which leads nicely into the usual but seemingly unheard plea for some lovely volunteers, just a few hours, or as much as you can do – days or even hours. Please come and help.

And of course another way you can help is with donations. We welcome most items and if you don’t have transport or the item is too bulky just get in touch and we will arrange a pick-up.

Through having to work shorter hours and opening fewer days, MAMAs are earning a lot less, but still receiving the same amount of requests for emergency medical help.

This month one of our requests came from the owner of the lovely “she” cat Ika. Ika had a tumour and her owners who love the cat very much took her to Paco who said, after a biopsy he felt the tumour was operable. The tumour was taken off Ikas side and up to this moment we hear she is doing very well. She is one of many animal emergencies we have helped in January, just a normal busy month, and of course we wish her a speedy recovery. 

For emergencies:

Tel: 666 186 037