I hope you are all well and enjoying this glorious November. Mad isn’t it – hope it’s not a softener for a lousy spring!

Anyway, we have been busy in the shop with lots to do, sorting your great donations and putting them out for sale. There is so much stuff! At the moment there is a gorgeous Spanish salon unit with a matching table and 6 leatherette chairs – very modern. Definitely worth a look. Lots of mattresses and bases, oh and a king-size bed frame and mattress – wow. There are some very generous folk out there! Our new winter range of men’s and ladies’ clothes are out now so come and have a look.

We need to sell these things and lots of our other items to be able to assist your poorly animals.

Talking of poorly, our lovely feature this month is a recent rescue by a lady, who found Sandy and it turns out he’s got all sorts wrong with him, most likely due to neglect poor love. After a price from Paco listing the ailments and costs, we dug deep to help both dog and his new owner. Hopefully the wonderful vets and nurses will set Sandy on a happy road to recovery so he can fully enjoy his new family and life. Good luck beautiful. Please call in when you’re feeling better.

We are desperately struggling for a nice volunteer. If you can spare an hour or two it would help Jean and Richard so much. They are running the place on their own!

As always, we still need your unwanted items whatever they are. If it’s electrical, please can you make sure it works – if it’s no use to you – it’s no use to us! Anything large we can arrange pick up. Just ring Richard or email him.

Look forward to seeing you.