Here we are again, how time flies. Things are extra busy in the shop due to the loss of a fabulous long term member of the team. There is a definite shortage of volunteers and we truly could do with some extra hands. We get donations but they have to be sorted before they can go out for sale. Just a couple of hours would help enormously.  See what you can do! You’d be helping a good cause. 

We have some great stuff in and it changes by the week, a brilliant king sized storage bed hardly touched the floor and whoosh it was gone! Got some nice Spanish style ceiling lights and table lamps. Bric a brac to suit everyone. Loads of books. A very nice two seater conservatory sofa. Come and have a look.

We sell these things in order to help you and your pets if you have a medical emergency. What we cannot do is solve the feral cat problem as there are simply far too many in this area for any charity to deal with. So, if you have a problem in your area the Town Hall needs approaching to ask for assistance – if enough people go they will do something to help this sad situation.

Our feature puppy this month is a little dog called Perla. The poor soul had early signs of parvo disease. Luckily with her owners being on the ball and wonderful treatment, the disease was caught in time and after spending some days in isolation Perla is home and recovering.  This dreadful disease is a bane and it’s important to keep your new pup off the floor until fully vaccinated. Get well soon pretty girl.

Due to a shortage of staff Richard can’t get to Camposol for collections and a chat (an excuse to get away from Jean more like!! lol) but if you have anything that needs collecting please give him a ring. We always need your unwanted items, bedding, clean clothes, bric a brac, anything really.

Anyway if you need us for urgent help, tel: 

666 186 037