Hi everyone

Well I say everyone, I think we’ve been forgotten!

We don’t see our regulars anymore! Some of that we blame on Richard not being able to get to the car park on Camposol B like he used to every week. That wasn’t helped by the Covid virus, but also we are seriously understaffed and can’t spare him. Remember, we are here to help you in a pet health emergency and work hard to sell donations to make that possible.

Farruco becoming ill
Farruco being healthy

Talking of emergencies, meet Farruco, one of your pets we have helped in the last month. He was picked up as a stray by a Spanish lady and the family fell for him and decided to keep him. Unfortunately for all, after feeding him up and getting him back on his feet, he began to lose weight and become ill. They took him to the vet and after a series of tests it was discovered he had leishmania. We can’t always help with leishmania as it can be a long expensive treatment, but they were so upset that a committee decision was made to at least try. The photos show him looking how he was when they found him and as he is now. We hope he can be successfully treated, as he was so lucky to have been found by such nice people. We can only hope he makes it as this can be an awful illness.

To make money available in order to help your pets, we need your donations; absolutely anything you don’t want, we can sell. Also, we need you!! Admittedly we are not on the beaten path but we are not difficult to find. You know Consum in Puerto de Mazarrón, well, we are two roads up from the back in Calle San Juan, on the left.

Another member of staff would make a heck of a difference. It would mean one of us could sit for a couple of hours on the car park on Camposol B again. Come on, just a couple of hours, then you can pop in Consum for your shopping…two jobs done!!

Take care. Hopefully see you soon.