Hi to our regular followers or anyone that reads this.

Would you be so kind as to go to Facebook page and like us, if you don’t mind? https://www.facebook.com/profile.phpid=10007770510099

We are getting many Spanish people and hardly any Expats. We are wondering if you remember us! We understand times are hard for all our lovely charities, but we do need support to stay open!!

Have you a pet we have helped? Let us know how he or she is. Keep us updated. We often wonder how this dog or that cat got on.

On the downside, we are having to limit awards for spaying and neutering due to high demand and insufficient donations to cover vets bills. MAMAS has been going for 15 years and has helped a lot of people with their beloved pets. Please support us. We need to stay on the map!

Talking about beloved pets, this is teeny Miku who fell ill with what was initially thought to be a urinary infection. However she didn’t improve and eventually it was discovered she had stones. She must have been in so much pain, if what people tell us is any indication. She’s a Spanish-owned dog so we won’t hear how she is unfortunately.


All that said, we gave a lot of money for a big poorly dog and wished him and his besotted owner good luck. The owner came back so heartbroken as the dog had died. That news really shook us. We like good news really.

Do come and visit our shop. The furniture is replaced regularly, so there’s always something new. The summer clothes donations are bursting to be unpacked in the next few days now that the warmer weather seems to be here, but we can’t survive without the usual plea for a nice volunteer or two. Jean and Richard work 7 days a week, so some help would be brilliant.

The MAMMAS Shop is near Consum in Puerto de Mazarrón. Take the turning after Consum on the left. We are 3 streets up, left again into Calle San Juan.

Have a great Easter.

See you soon.