We are looking forward to the winter months ahead and will be actively seeking to help all Social Groups, Schools and families in our area who might need our assistance. If you know of anyone or any Society linked with the care or wellbeing of people who need a helping hand in any way, please contact us on 603 389 006

You can also call 603 389 006 to request a pick-up of any large items you may wish to donate to us. Our shop is now open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am-1pm and our van will be at the Commercial Centre carpark at Camposol A from 10.30am-12pm every Tuesday for you to bring along any donations you wish to make to us. We are always amazed and grateful for our supporters’ generosity, especially during the difficult times that we have all been through lately. 

We are continuing to assist with food and essential items donated through the San Jose Church in Puerto de Mazarrón. We have been able, through your support, to reach out to many families in need in our area. 

Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters for your continued support to try and Make A Difference to all those in need locally.