As we go into November and head towards Christmas and a New Year, which I think will not have such a festive joyous feel to it and no big Fiesta time here in Spain, we are looking at helping as many families as we can in this difficult time. 

We are continuing to donate food and essential items via the San Jose Church in Puerto de Mazarrón and during the month of October we donated another 1000 euro’s worth of food, to be distributed to those families who are really struggling. (see photo) 

We would like to mention and welcome our newest member to join the team. His name is Archie and he has offered to help with some of the heavier work like moving and delivering furniture as he has youth on his side. We would also like to mention Furniture Plus as they kindly donate the furniture that people ask them to take away when they buy new from their store. 

We are in the process of investigating other Social Groups, Schools and Institutions that could benefit from our help, so if you hear of any such groups that could do with a donation for a project that they would like funded please call 603 389 006

We would like to thank all our volunteers and supporters for their continued support and donations, for without them we could not continue this worthwhile cause, to help Make A Difference to many families in our area who are less fortunate