Hopefully when this article goes to print we will be out of ‘lockdown’ – an unprecedented time for us all.

Just before this difficult time we were able to give a donation to the charity Obra Social Santa Luisa De Marillac based in Lorca. This charity helps to keep children from problem families off the streets after school. They provide a place for them to go rather than getting into trouble with police and recruited into drug related crimes. This donation was obviously gratefully received as they do not get funding for their endeavours. (see photo).

Our shop in Puerto de Mazarrón will of course open as soon as we are permitted to do so. The same will apply to our van pick-ups and our usual Tuesday morning drop off point on the Camposol Urbanization.

When we resume normal living I am sure our help will be needed to get a lot of people back to some sort of normality. That is when our work will begin.

Take care, stay safe everyone and stay home while the restrictions are in place.